Zip Line Staff Training and Certification

In addition to installation, inspection and equipment sales we also offer zip line training services. Whether you have a single zip line, a zip tour or a canopy tour, our trained and certfied staff can design and implement a training program custom designed for your site specific zip line.

Standards Trained To:
Our trainings are conducted to meet or exceed the standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and or ASTM International Amusement Ride and Device Standards. The standards utilized will depend on your type of organization; type and number of zip lines installed; the state of installation and relevant regulations as well as the number of staff in the training and any previous experiences they may have.


  • Single Zip Lines
  • Dual Zip Lines
  • Zip Line Tours
  • Canopy Tours
  • Amusement Parks
  • Family Fun Centers
  • Military Application
  • Summer Camps
  • Corn Mazes
  • Schools

We do not provide training or inspection services on residential (backyard) installations of zip lines.

Staff Qualifications:
Our training staff are located across the United States and Mexico and all have a minimum background that exceeds the Qualified Challenge Course Professionals (QCCP) standards for Trainers and Certifiers as specified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). In addition, to those minimum standards each individual staff member comes with life experiences and industry related certifications that allow us a large array of individuals to ensure that your organization is paired with a trainer(s) that have the required skills and experiences for your type of organization and the zip lines installed and equipment being used. Some of our staff trainings and certifications include:

  • Certified Level II Challenge Course Facilitator (ACCT)
  • Certified Challenge Course Manager (ACCT)
  • RedCross First Aid (many have Wilderness First Aid)
  • OSHA 10 hour Certification
  • NAARSO Level I or II Certification
  • Annual Attendance at Industry related conferences (ACCT, IAAPA, NAARSO, ACA, etc.)

Training Rates:
Our rates will vary based on the type of zip line and the staff required (and skills and certifications they need to maintain to be compliant with standards or state regulation). Please call our office to get a site specific quote for zip line training. We will need to learn about your facility, type of zip lines, braking systems installed, number of staff needed to be trained on operations, type of equipment in use (harness, trolleys, etc.,) and information on the company that provided the initial installation or last annual inspection (tells us if it was built to standards - we do not provide training on any zip line that does not have a current annual inspection performed by a qualified inspector (insured, accredited and or licensed if applicable by state code).

  • Day rate For a NAARSO Certified Trainer $980.00 - Required for all zip lines in states that regulate zip lines as amusement rides or devices.
  • Day rate for an ESI internally trained and experienced zip line trainer (minimum 3 yrs. experience - exceeds QCCP standards) $850.00 - Common for summer camps, retreat centers, university, school and military NON-COMMERCIAL zip lines.
  • Day rate for a Training Assistant $750.00 - This rate will only apply if an assistant is required to complete your training (an assistant is not a primary Qualified Trainer and some zip line facilities may require more than one Qualified Trainer).

The number and type of trainers will be determined by ESI based on an understanding of your facility, types of zip lines, braking system, equipment types and amounts, location, etc.

Travel Expenses

  • Mileage - billed at current federal rate
  • Airfare - Billed at 5% above actual cost to compensate for administrative costs.
  • Lodging - Billed at 5% above actual costs to compensate for administrative costs. Lodging requirements are dual occupancy rooms at a reputable local hotel. Bunk house lodging with a larger group is not acceptable. If your organization has HOTEL STYLE housing or a house WITH BEDDING - this will be considered.
  • Meals - Meals are typically billed out at $40.00 per day. In some locations (tourist destinations) this fee may be higher (and at some locations with on-site food it may be cheaper).
  • Travel Time - Depending on your location, we may be required to charge you for travel time. Travel time may include all time in transit to and from your site (drive to airport, get through security, time on plane, time traveling to your site - and then the time to return). We may also be able to pool your inspection with other organizations in you are or reasonable vicinity. This allows multiple clients to share in the Travel Time, Airfare, Mileage and Lodging Expenses. Some organizations are pro-active and call and work with their competitors to keep everyone costs lower and ensure compliance and safety as a larger materially affected industry group..

Based on all of the above variables it's hard to post a specific cost as all organizations have different needs. Please fill out the attached form and return it to us and we will give you a quote or give our office a call TOLL FREE at (877) 206-8967 to speak to one of our staff.