We in addition to providing inspections for zip lines also install zip lines, ropes courses, aerial adventure courses and climbing structures. A few of the specialized products we emphasize for the zip line industry are featured below.

ZipStop Zip Line Brake

A zip line braking system based on the eddy current magnetic technology first brought to use by the TruBlue auto-belay device.

Works on zip lines from 3 to 17% grade, weight ranges 33 lbs. to 300 lbs. and for speeds up to 40mph. Zip Stop = Zip Safe.

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Saferoller Continuous Belay

Saferoller is a continuous belay system that works not only on ropes courses and aerial adventure parks but provides seamless integration into a zip line without transfer of a safety or belay system.

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Smart Snap Smart Belay

The Smart Snap Smart Belay Device is an excellent addition for ropes courses, zip lines and aerial adventure parks to increase participant safety by providing a 100% tie off transfer system for all participants and staff.

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Zip Line Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Staff Training

We have over 28 years’ experience in the design and installation of zip lines and aerial adventure parks. Whether your needs are for a single line zip line, short or long, steep ride or gentle glide. Our sales and design team can provide a zip line design that meets your operational, geographical and budgetary needs. Our experience navigating the permitting process and presence of NAARSO Certified Inspectors allow us to work collaboratively with clients and states to ensure their installation meets and/or exceeds all current industry standards (ACCT and ASTM) as well as current state regulations of zip lines.

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