Zip Line Inspection Tools

Our inspectors don't just use their eyes and hands to inspect your zip lines and support structures, platforms and towers. Our organization utilizes a variety of tools to ensure that our inspection are thorough and meets and/or exceeds the current written standards of ACCT, ASTM, and/or EN. 

These inspection tools include:

·         Torque Wrenches to ensure bolts and clamps are properly tightened to manufacturer or ASME specifications.

·         Wire Rope Wear Gauges to accurately measure wire rope loss from peening or the flattening of the top of the wire from repeatedly running zip pulleys over the cable.

·         Tension Meters are used to measure the tension on not just zip lines but guy cables and tension cables. The tension reading is one of the most important measurements we can gather as it tells us the tightness of the cable that provides the best performance of the zip line for the specified weight ranges your tour operates within.

·         Portable Proof Testers are used to check bolt strength, cable terminations, rope terminations and other applications that might need to be tested to 2x the maximum anticipated loading as required by industry standards.

·         Load Cells are used totest loads on anchors, belay cables, live loads, dynamic loads and static loads and to inspect structures for damage, strain or yeild as a result of the forces applied.

·         Accelerometers are used to tell us the speed that your zip line is performing at and allows us to be sure that the maximum ASTM G-Force loads are not being exceeded and transferred to your guests or a structural component of your zip line cable.

·         Duromometers are used to check the durability of foam and plastic products that might be used as padding on trees or poles, utilized in braking systems, cover wire rope, serve as padding on harnesses or plastics used in brake products.

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