Major Zip Line Maintenance and Repairs

If you know in advance about maintenance or repairs that are required on your zip line please notify our staff at the time of schedualling the service. Our staff will want to know in advance and plan for the maintenance by having the propper materials and tools onsite and schedual the appropriate amount of time and or staff to complete the maintenance or repairs in a timely and cost efficiant manner.

·         platform redesign and installation

·         replacement or installation of a braking system

·         Re-tensioning the wire rope to change rider speed (faster or slower)

·         Replacement of wire rope with new cable *(we use only American or Korean wire rope)

·         Lanyard construction *(we manufacture custom lanyards from both rope and webbing)

·         System Testing - our staff can perform proof testing, tension tests, torque tests, wire rope diameter testing as well as durometer testing of all foam and plastic materials.

·         Welding Service - our staff can accommodate the needs of steel structures and components as well as wood structures.

·         Install, repair or replace rope bridge, suspension bridges, cargo climbing nets and other spliced rope products.

·         Trim trees and branches near, above or within the zippers path.

·         Site and design new lines or rides.