For the most up to date information on the State of Indiana Regulations of Zip Lines and Zip Tours - please call our office at (877) 206-8967 or the state department listed below:

Director of Amusement Rides
Office of State Building Commissioner
302 West Washington Street, Room E243
Indianapolis, IN 46204

TELEPHONE: (317)232-1405 or 2670
FAX: (317) 232-0146

STATUTE: Indiana Amusement revised Code Title 685 IAC 1


INSPECTION: Rides are inspected on first "setup" each year. They are then subject to inspection each additional time they are "setup".

Zip lines in Indiana came underscrutiny with the installation and operation of a three line ziplines for the Superbowl in February 2012. The state set precident by inspecting those lines. There is currently no clear house of regulation with both the Dept. of Amusements and the Dept. in Labor involved.

Zip lines inspected by the State of Indiana will be a paperwork inspection. The State of Indiana will look at:

  • Engineering Plans and Drawings
  • Operations Manual
  • Inspection Records and Logs - to be performed by Qualified 3rd Party Inspector
  • Staff Training Records and Certficates.

The State of Indiana will not climb onto your zip line and inspect the structure, cable tension, terminations, deck supports, fasteners, staircases, etc. Having a state inspection is a duty to demponstrate to the state that you are in compliance with the law and that is it. You must hire a 3rd party inspector to perform a hands on inspection of your zip line in the state of Indiana.