For the most up to date information on the State of Illinois Regulations of Zip Lines and Zip Tours - please call our office at (877) 206-8967 or the state department listed below:

Illinois Department of Labor
Carnival & Amusement Ride Inspection Division
#1 W. Old State Capitol Plaza, Rm. 300
Springfield, IL 62701-1217

TELEPHONE: (217) 558-7194
FAX: (312) 793-2081

STATUTE: Illinois Carnival & Amusement Rides Safety Act. Illinois Compiled Statutes 430 ILCS 85/2-1 et seq.

PERMITS AND LICENSES: Permits and Licenses: Title 56: Labor and Employment Chap. XIII: Carnival-Amusement Safety Board, Part 6000: Carnival & Amusement Ride Inspection Law. Fixed and Mobile operators must apply for annual permits. Ride and attraction must pass safety inspection before permit is issued. Liability insurance is mandatory. Fees are: Kiddie $30 Other $75 each

INSPECTION: Annual inspection of amusement rides, amusement attractions, ski lifts, rope tows, go-carts & bungee cord devices. Follow-up inspections are unannounced. The State of Illinois began interest in pursueing regulating zip lines in early 2012. Expect legistlation to folow an administrative rule giving the Dept. of Labor jurisdiction over zip lines.

In Illinois at the moment there is however no currentl Zip Line regulation or state oversite. It is your duty as an organization to follow industry standards and maintan compliance as no state entity is required to. You must hire a 3rd party inspector to perform a hands on inspection of your zip line in the state of Illinois.

In the future if Illinois does regulate zip lines it will be a paperwork inspection and a 3rd party inspection will be required to be reviewed as part of the Illinois zip line inspection (based on current policy for other rides).